A dog’s life

Well here I am, with my own blog. I’ve been sending lots of telepathic messages to my wonderful human (the one who feeds me) as I sit near her feet when she’s writing her own blog, and whoopeee!! the message got through.

“I think I’ll let Bozzy have his own blog” she said. She calls me Bozzy, Boz and host of other silly affectionate names in between. It’s all a bit embarrassing so I won’t bore you with them. The other human, he wot does “School” with me, also calls me these names as do the children who live nearby (aka known as my Fan Club). And of course, the grandchildren do too. They love me to bits. Feeling’s mutual by the way.

I’ll be sharing some of things I get up and places I go to, especially in my motorvan…or campervan…or motorhome…whatever you call them. You know, these homes on wheels which whizz off to exciting new places, either for the day, or for a few days, or for a whopping long time. Bliss. And it’s all part of this, my life, which is a pretty good one.


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