What’s in a name?

Well, not any old name, obviously. My name. It’s my blog and my name, and I suppose it’s a bit unusual. I like it, but to be honest I might have chosen something different for myself, but I was young, and my humans had come to collect me and take me home with them.

I’d already met them once, when they’d visited, sat on the floor and played with me and my two sisters. I climbed up on to the leg of the human who now feeds me, looked at her and said “Hello”. I know she doesn’t talk dog, but it was the nearest I could manage. It came out like a sort of friendly, throaty noise, a bit like a noisy cat purr (more on cats later). After I’d said my hello they seemed to decide pretty quickly that they wanted to me live with them. My mum, who was also there, quietly nodded her approval of my good manners after she’d eyed up my humans-to-be, and decided they were ok.

Back to my name. I was born in Leicestershire, in a place called Husband’s Bosworth (try saying that when you’ve a few too many drinks!), and after we’d set off in the car for my new home, they talked about names. Oh the list – do you want to know what they’d come up with?

Bracken – Magnus – Jasper – Rufus – Kasper….there were more but that’s enough to give you an idea. Then they thought of Bosworth – from the place I hailed from – and that seemed to hit the spot. They decided it could be shortened to Bozzy or Boz (one of them quoted “Sketches by Boz”, Boz being the pen name of Charles Dickens. I don’t know who he is btw).

Of course, they call me by all three names, each having its uses in specific sitations, and the tone of voice used. “Bozzzzworth” with a drawn out emphasis on the first syllable is friendly, playful, with a sing-song tone and an if-I-come running- I-might-get-a-nice-reward sound. If it’s said sharply and in a firm kind of voice I know I might be in trouble, especially if it’s “Bosworth – come here”!

Tone of voice is all important, so even though I don’t understand all human words (I’m working on my vocabulary) I can always get the gist. And there are certain words which I respond to immediately Like “Cat”. But more of that later, as promised.



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