Camping? What’s camping?

Soon after I’d arrived at my new home and settled in, my humans introduced me to another home. This new home is now pretty much what I consider to be mine, not theirs; it’s a home on wheels, also known as a campervan…a motorvan….a motorhome. There are lots of different names but you get the drift – it’s a comfortable mobile fun palace which transports me to new, different, exciting places. I love it!

At first though, I didn’t love it.

I shivered and shook when I went inside because it was all so different. It wasn’t a car. I’d been in a car lots of times when I was still with my mum and sisters in the place where I was born. And I travelled in a car with my humans to my new home, and that was lovely because I curled up on a soft blanket on the lap of the human who feeds me. We sat together on the back seat while the other human who does “School” with me drove the car (I’ll tell you about “School” later).

Back to the campervan – they took me into it to show me round, and gave me treats (of course). I had a good sniff round and worked out which cupboard had my food and treats in, and then I had to have a harness on, which was fixed to a sort of seat belt thingy on the floor to make me safe when the home on wheels was moving.

I noticed they’d folded and packed my crate, which I slept in at home, and when we’d had a drive to somewhere they called “campsite”, they unfolded it and put it inside a big sort of cage thing with no roof, then put me inside it too. I had no idea what was going on, or where we were, but my food and toys and blanket were all there, outside the home on wheels and in a good place where I could watch everything that was going on around me. It was all rather interesting.

I must have snoozed off at some point, because next thing I knew, we were all going for a walk to a place they called “beach”. To get there, we walked along a green leafy lane, then the ground under my paws changed. It became yellow and gritty and there was a new funny smell of water. Best thing of all was that there were other dogs having walks on this beach and I threw myself into saying hello and playing with them.

I thought “If this is camping, bring it on!”


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