When Kitty came to stay

I did mention a while back that I’d say something about cats. Cats! Funny word that, but one I somehow knew even before I’d seen one, because it’s kind of embedded in my genes. Well, in the genes of all dogs really I suppose.

The human who feeds me started telling me things I didn’t really understand, like “Kitty is coming to stay. Kitty’s a beautiful cat. She’s your cat and you have to be nice to her.”

What I heard was: “BurblebabbleCATburblebabbleburbleKITTYburblybabblyCAT” all said in a very noice tone of voice mind, but the important words really stood out and got me all excited. When the cat arrived with their daughter (who they try to kid me is my Big Sister, but she’s not) they made a big fuss of them both. They wouldn’t let me near Kitty, even though I kept yelping with excitement. They shut me in while they unloaded all the cat stuff and put this interesting creature in an upstairs room where it was quiet, so she could settle down. Never mind me, I was so excited I thought I’d go pop.

The smell of Kitty was new and intriguing. Even though I’d had this cat smell offered to me on a hanky or something before she arrived, to get used to the smell, it was NOTHING like the real thing! And the energy and vibe of having a real live cat in the house drove me crazy with excitement. I like to think I’ve calmed down a bit now I’m nearly 2 years old, but I was very young, it was all new stuff and boy did I go for it.

I just had to find that cat. Where was the dratted Kitty? I set off in search of her, galloping up the stairs, nose to the ground, and found her scent was strongest in the spare room. I sniffed and looked. I couldn’t see her anywhere, but I knew she was there.

One of my humans came to find me and took me back downstairs, but they sounded concerned because there was no sign of Kitty. I found out later that she’d been on the windowsill, hiding behind the curtain. When things had calmed down, I slipped upstairs again to look for her. I just KNEW she was in that room, but I couldn’t see her anywhere. One of the humans came in and sort of tried not to laugh. Apparently Kitty was sitting on a chair watching me inspecting the floor area with my nose to find her. I was looking down, not up. I swear that cat was laughing too.

We did meet face to face and although I was friendly, barking and wagging, Kitty spat at me, which wasn’t very nice at all. After Kitty had gone back to her home with their daughter, I sneaked upstairs whenever I could to check that she really had gone; the smell was still there, I wasn’t sure that she’d really left,  and the thought of seeing more of her was enticing. I searched all the bedrooms, pulling the duvets off the beds and I dragged the spare mattress out from under a bed to make sure she wasn’t there.

I don’t know why they weren’t very pleased with me for doing this, and they kept all the doors closed where Kitty might have been hiding. Maybe they were cross because I chewed some of the duvet covers and sheets.

Here is the owner’s view of the chewed sheets and other misdemeanors!

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