We did it again!

P1034807Yep, we did it again this week. We went out in my campervan for the day and did something a bit more exciting than trawling around in the garden in these everlasting lockdown days. Not that I’m really complaining as I get an extra short walk during the daytime now as well as my long walk in the evening (the humans were muttering about the rules changing but  no-one could understand them. All blahblah to me too).

We had lunch in my van – you can see one of my humans getting it ready in this picture – then off we set.

We walked in a different part of one of the nature reserves in the Mersey Forest, and very good it was too, but I did get a bit tired towards the end as it suddenly got warm, AND we got just a bit lost in the forest.

Quite frankly I did begin to wonder if we’d ever reach my van as we took a load of different paths then ended up following one into the woods. OK, it did look as if it might go somewhere, and it did. It took us as far as a fence and we couldn’t go any further. I looked around and thought we were lost, but we did once get lost  in Cumbria and I was the one who found the way back, so I wasn’t too worried. I just needed a drink, and biscuit and a snooze after that walk.

It all ended well though. We turned back, got on to the main path, and with a bit more walking, that was it.

Yours, with sore paws, Bosworth.


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