I’m moving

There’s been rather a lot of muttering lately from the human who feeds me and writes my blog for me, and the other human who does “School” with me. They both use WordPress for their blogs, and mine too, and it’s recently changed.

Changed in a big way too – instead of being easy and straightforward to use, it’s become a lot more difficult, clonky, techie and confusing, and it takes my human who writes this for me a whole lot longer to get a blog post together because she now has to use what’s called the Block Editor ( all fancy tech stuff with buttons and bits to click on to get anywhere with it.)

Frankly, she’s fed up with it, so she’s creating a new blog for me with Blogger because it’s easier to use and doesn’t have all the fancy techie stuff that this Block Editor (Idiot more like) thing has.

With Blogger she can just write down what I’m telepathically transmitting to her without pushing any extra buttons, or fiddling around getting something like the good old Classic Editor they’ve discontinued and ditched in favour of this new Blockhead thing. Oh she can get at the Classic one, but it’s not like it used to be and yes – there are buttons and links and fiddy bits all of which drive her doolally.

So watch this space because we’ll be moving over to my new blog soon and waving goodbye to WordPress, although I’ll leave my pearls of wisdom and thoughts on this blog for the time being so you can read some of the things I’ve been up to.

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