I’m moving

There’s been rather a lot of muttering lately from the human who feeds me and writes my blog for me, and the other human who does “School” with me. They both use WordPress for their blogs, and mine too, and it’s recently changed.

Changed in a big way too – instead of being easy and straightforward to use, it’s become a lot more difficult, clonky, techie and confusing, and it takes my human who writes this for me a whole lot longer to get a blog post together because she now has to use what’s called the Block Editor ( all fancy tech stuff with buttons and bits to click on to get anywhere with it.)

Frankly, she’s fed up with it, so she’s creating a new blog for me with Blogger because it’s easier to use and doesn’t have all the fancy techie stuff that this Block Editor (Idiot more like) thing has.

With Blogger she can just write down what I’m telepathically transmitting to her without pushing any extra buttons, or fiddling around getting something like the good old Classic Editor they’ve discontinued and ditched in favour of this new Blockhead thing. Oh she can get at the Classic one, but it’s not like it used to be and yes – there are buttons and links and fiddy bits all of which drive her doolally.

So watch this space because we’ll be moving over to my new blog soon and waving goodbye to WordPress, although I’ll leave my pearls of wisdom and thoughts on this blog for the time being so you can read some of the things I’ve been up to.

All I wanted was a lie-in


Wouldn’t you just know it? All I wanted was a nice quiet, cosy lie in and a snooze (this is me in my bed in my campervan). I’d just woken up and was emerging from my nook underneath the bed where the humans sleep, and bang! I heard one of them say something about WordPress changing their format to something called Blocks.

Uh-oh. That means it’s going to be more difficult for my human who channels me to write things for me, as it’s like a whole new flipping system to work out.

She was having a bit of  curse and grumble about this a few days later, but I’ve persuaded  her to try it out…..please….just so I can jot some of my thoughts and stuff down on my blog.

Well here it is – and WordPress, she’s not very happy because these Blocks are making her curse and swear. Please can we have the old Classic style back? Meanwhile I’m taking cover and I may eventually emerge again…..we’ll see…

Where’s that cat?

Life’s been very interesting and exciting in the past week. There’s a cat in the house!

The daughter of my humans has come to stay – something about making a bubble with my humans and all to do with this lockdown thing they’ve been having – and she’s brought Kitty with her. Kitty! Her cat who’s stayed here before. And this time she’s here for a couple of weeks! I’m determined to find her this time.

I’ve been seaching everywhere but I’ve only managed to find her once, when she was strolling across the landing. We almost met but she ran away, and I raced after her. Their daughter, who is Kitty’s owner, yelled at me and I was bit scared. She can be a bit scary if I’m naughty but she loves me really because she makes a big fuss of me most of the time.

So life goes on. There’s a cat somewhere in his house. I’m determined to find her, but I never can. I’ve even pulled the futon mattress out from under the spare bed look20180721_185452ing for her, like I did once before was I was younger, but she wasn’t there.

I’m beginning to wonder if she hides somewhere and watches me trying to find her. There are times when I’m in a room and I just know she’s there, but can I find her? Oh well, it makes a change from patrolling the borders of the garden along the new fence they had put up when I started digging my way out underneath the old one. And it’s nice to have my own cat around, because I can never get at the one who lives on the other side of that new fence.

The Campervan Awayday


Let’s get this straight. It wasn’t an away DAY at all – oh no – we didn’t go anywhere as we just stayed on the drive. And it was an afternoon, not a full day. But in these lockdown days we have to be grateful for small blessings and tasty snippets of pleasure.

The human who feeds me decided that as it was warm and sunny, she’d get busy and would give my van a bit of a clean, so she took herself off outside to the front of the house, equipped with that noisy thing called a Dustbuster (the one I like chasing and barking at), and did things like cleaning the van’s fridge, washing the floor in the kitchen area and getting the mucky bits off the carpets and cab mats which had been there since we went away for a short break in February (ah, those were the days…).

Anyway, once it was a tad tidier and the cushions had been plumped up (I notice these things), she invited me to come and join her in my van. Well, I jumped at the chance when I heard the words “Bozzy in the van?” as I thought we might actually be going somewhere. But no, it was what she called an Awayday, so we stayed on the drive with the big sliding door open so the sun could stream in, and – best of all – she’d packed my ruffle snuffle mat with goodies so I could have a nuzzle in that and search out tasty titbits.

She sat in there with me. She’d carried a drink and biscuit to my van, put  her feet up on the long bench sofa and soaked up the sun while I snuffled and found the treats. Then I settled down by the open door to see what was going on outside.

To be honest, not much was going on at at all. I had a great view of the car and the small front lawn and that was about it. But I enjoyed being there. It was peaceful and the birds were singing (quite nicely too), and all in all I’d be up for doing this awayday lark again.

Especially if I get treats!

I was only being a puppy!

20180721_185452It’s come to my notice that my human who writes a blog, wrote something about me chewing up things and digging holes in the garden when I was a puppy. Now I’m two and have grown up a bit,  I think it’s time I put a bit of perspective on this story. I do have my reputation to consider after all, so here’s my version of things that were written about me when I was 21 months old:

I started living with my humans when I was 4 months old. I’d kind of got over the real baby stage of peeing whenever and wherever I needed to but was still in need of some guidance on getting into the garden for these tasks. I was shooed outside and told to “be busy”. No idea what that meant at all, but they always did this after I’d had a toilet trip indoors. It was a hot summer so the doors were open and the penny soon dropped. I was meant to do it outside.

I must confess that I loved my new home and my humans. We got on very well, they were always kind to me (still are) and I heard them describe me as “a delightful and interactive dog” Yeah!

IMG-20191225-WA0006I know I’m good with children. I’m always very friendly to them as they’re somehow a bit like puppies and closer to my size. I adore the human’s grandchildren and allow them to play with me, cuddle me, carry me about and at Christmas they put funny sparkly things on my head. I didn’t like it much but put up with it as it made them happy.

I often make noises and speak in “dog”, which the humans don’t understand, but they like it because it’s as though I’m saying “hello” and “chatting”. I sometimes make little howls of excitement too. But as I was still a puppy, with new teeth, I had to chew things, I just had to – all puppies do so it was perfectly normal as far as I’m concerned. Here’s what I chewed: Continue reading

Bird dog

I have a new hobby. I watch birds.

I sit on the patio, in pretty much the same place as I was in this photo, taken last year when I was a bit younger. Right now it’s winter but at last it’s not raining, so I like to go out, sniff around and check that there are still no places I can dig. The humans seem to have successfully blocked off all the interesting digging routes, but I’ve found something else very interesting to sit and watch. Those birds. I’d never noticed them before, when I was younger, but now I’m two and supposedly grown up, I’ve suddenly become very interested in them. I can even ID some of them.

I like to watch the pigeons (big fat grey things) sit on the fence or wooden archway before flying down into the garden to take some of the food that’s been left out. Then I take off and chase them, but they always get away up into the air, where I can’t follow.

It’s not just pigeons. There are black things that go “chack-chack”. I think they’re jackdaws. They come to get some food from the feeders, like the black and white things with long tails called magpies. I don’t try to chase these, I just sit and watch. But if they go to the feeders, I always root around underneath in case they’ve dropped anything I can eat. The humans do feed me, but you know how it is if you’re a dog, you just have to eat food when it’s there.

This  morning, sitting outside watching, I saw a very small bird on one of the trees in the garden. It was easy to see as the branches are bare. I was looking at it very carefully and I heard one of my humans say “He’s looking at a Great Tit”.

Watching birds is an interesting thing to do in my garden, especially as I’d not noticed them before. In fact, it’s only this week that I’ve really got into it. I even like going out in the dark, sitting still, and looking at one of the bird feeders. I spend quite a lot of time doing this in the dark, but I don’t see anything. Still, it’s good to be out in the fresh air, although you wouldn’t catch me doing this if it was raining.

The RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch 2020 is on 25-27 January. Anyone can take part. More details here.

Back to School


When I was a young whipper-snapper like this, learning to walk on a lead, and starting to visit lots of interesting places, one of my humans started to play a game with me called “School”. It was pretty good because I got treats when we played.

In P1060041 (2)my School sessions, I learned to sit, stay, come, walk to heel, shake paws, go down, roll over and jump over a low hurdle, which seems to be some kind of walking stick. If I feel a bit lazy I limbo underneath it rather than jump over. I don’t get a treat if I do a crawly limbo move, but my humans laugh.

But wow! When I think about it, I learned a lot! And I can do a lot and it’s fun. But there are some things I need to improve on ( well, that’s what the humans say), like remembering to walk to heel. Oh yes, my School human added a new game. It’s like hide and seek. He tells me to stay, then goes upstairs and calls me. I have to run upstairs and find where he’s hiding, then I get a treat. He also hides behind trees when we’re out walking and waits for me to find him. I always do.

When the grandchildren come to stay, they do some of my school things with me – and of course I get lots of fuss and treats for this too. In the picture I’m shaking paw. I know which is my left paw and which is my right…well, maybe I do, but sometimes it might just be a lucky guess, but for now I’m keeping quiet about that.

Skype with the family


I just love screens! The TV is a constant source of fascination for me when it’s on, especially if there are cats or dogs or insects or birds or fish or cows or horses moving about. I’m learning not to jump up at the screen when anything interesting shows up, and if I’m told “Down” then I do sit down and watch from a short distance.

About once a week, the small screen comes out and my humans talk to my family who live somewhere else. It’s quite exciting because I know they’re not really in the small screen. It’s obvious that there’s not enough room for them all to squeeze inside there, along with their two cats.

Oh my goodness, their cats are beautiful and they look straight at me with with wide eyes. They’re cool, they just sit and look and I look back. I don’t try to chase them because I know they’re not really there. They’re at the other house, along with the rest of the family. So while they and my humans talk to each other, I sit very, very still on a lap because if I try to get into the screen, or jump and fidget, I get put back on the floor and told off.

Sometimes when one of my humans looks at a very small different screen, called a tablet, I’m invited to watch lots of other dogs at a place called Crufts. Some of the dogs run and jump over poles and things, and sometimes they dance around (1). It’s very interesting and I love watching it. I’ve even had a go at swiping my paw across the screen, like the humans do, but they get a bit cross if I do that.

In the picture here I’m waiting for the screen to light up. This happens when the special tune is played – bong bing bong, bing bong bing – and then we do the Skype thing with the cats. If I hear the tune which means they are there, and I’m in another room, I come running. I don’t want to miss a single second of screen time.

(1) Agility and Heelwork to Music

Growing up


I shall soon be 2 years old, growing up a bit and certainly more of a handsome young hunk nowadays than I was when I was 4 months old, when this photo was taken. Of course, I was very cute then ( still am if truth be told) but my coat was shorter then, when I was a puppy. Now it’s thicker and longer, and the human who feeds me calls me a hairy monster. Not sure if I like that, although she sounds very affectionate when she says it.

So, as I shall be celebrating 2 years of canine life pretty soon, I thought I’d share what my female human wrote about me a while ago. She told some stories of all the things I chewed, or wrecked or ruined when I was a young puppy, and wrote about them on her own blog.

Of course, I can’t remember doing anything naughty at all, but you can read what she said about me here, where she goes on about lots of unexpected little extras.

Don’t know what she means really. Have a read and see what you think. Was I that bad?