Norfolk terriers

We Norfolk terriers are a relatively new breed, first registered with The Kennel Club in 1932.

Our origin dates back to the 1880s, when a man called Charles “Doggy” Lawrence, who was a terrier breeder, sold small terriers to Cambridge University undergraduates for the purposes of ratting (thought….were the student rooms in Cambridge really that bad in the 1880s…?) and for companions to the students. Because of their location in the heart of university land, they became known as Cantab terriers.

A graduate by the name of E Jodrell Hopkins kept several Cantab terriers as a student, and after graduating in 1899 he opened a livery stable in Trumpington Street, Cambridge, taking the dogs with him. The strain of small terriers that he bred became known as Trumpington terriers.

The story goes on a bit, but let it suffice to say that that the development of this breed focussed around the east side of the country, and there are strong connections with East Anglia, Leicestershire and Norwich.

Norfolk terriers and Norwich terriers are closely related. How to tell them apart? The Norwich has upright, pointy ears; the Norfolk has soft, down-turned ears.

There’s a lot more info about Norfolk terriers at the Norfolk Terrier Club of Great Britain website.