Guest blog post: Fan mail

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You know I said I’d got a fan club? Well, I’ve had some letters from the girls who come to visit me and sometimes take me for a walk and groom me and play with me… know, the usual sort of fuss I get. Of course I love it! Now they’ve written to me as I sort of put the idea out that it would be very nice to have a guest blog post every now and then (about me, naturally), and I’m so pleased I’m nearly wagging my tail off with happiness! Thank you girls! Here’s what they say:


l LOVE Boz because he is really cute and friendly. He always walks a funny way down the road which makes us laugh! Boz is one of the best dogs I have ever met. He always enjoys a cuddle and is normally very well behaved. It was fun when we got to groom him and we even got to brush his teeth! He seems to enjoy going on walks because his tail wags every time we see him on one!!! I really like seeing him and playing with him. His owners say that when he walks past our house he looks for us, which is really nice to hear!’


I really like Boz because when we first met him he was bit shy but after a couple of days he got fine with us being around and the next thing I knew he was licking me all over! He is sort of a blonde brown colour which I think looks cute. One of my favourite things about him is he wags his tail when he goes past our house! Boz even let us groom his fur but after it got all messy again! Once we went on a walk with him because his owners went somewhere but he didn’t want to go because it was raining. Boz has made me think I might get a norfolk terrier when I’m older! I think Boz is looking forward to us coming round again. Boz is always up for a cuddle and I am really missing him.’

I have a fan club!


Seems like I’ve got a bit of a fan club. The human who feeds me had a message on her phone thingy saying the two girls who live nearby had just found out I’ve got this blog – and guess what? They were amazed!

Well, I know I’m pretty amazing in all sorts of ways, but these girls actually found my blog on the interwebthing, read it and liked it! I’m really chuffed (woofed!) about that. I think it was their mum who told them about it, so a big thank you to her.

The girls have been to my house to play with me a few times, and if we meet up when we’re out they take it in turns to hold my lead and take me home while their mum and my human have a chat and keep an eye on us. I like doing that because they keep on talking when we get home and the girls play with me. That’s fun.

It’s even better when they come to my house to play – but because of a thing called “lockdown” they’ve not been able to do this for a while. But they still think I’m amazing, so I can cope with that.

P1060607A long time before all this lockdown stuff, where people say hello and talk but don’t go near each other, the girls came to my house to count birds in the garden through the window. They had those binocular things to look through that makes the birds look bigger, and they wrote down all the names of the birds they’d seen, and how many of each sort there was. But they played with me a lot too, and after they’d counted birds, I stood on my grooming table while they groomed me using my brush and comb. That was lovely as they were so gentle.

I’ve sort of thought I just might have a fan club as people do seem to like me, but now I know it’s true. One of the girls drew that picture of me up at the top and I’m hoping one of my humans will frame it and hang it somewhere for everyone to see.

After all, if I’m going to have a fan club I need to have a good public image.

The joys of the grooming table

She went and bought a grooming table didn’t she, the human who feeds me. That’s what this post is all about, the grooming sessions.

When I first came to live with my two humans, I’d been groomed and given the once-over by my breeder, who said she’d “tidied me up” before I set off for my new home. I don’t really remember this, but it didn’t seem that long before I was being brushed and tidied up again, once I’d settled in.

We Norfolks have lustrous long hair, all lovely and golden ( well, some of my cousins have black backs, not golden ones, but they’re more unusual). Our colour is supposed to be “red” – a sort of russety, coppery bracken-like colour – and for it to stay that colour, and not get pale, our coats have to be hand stripped so they grow back properly. Ouch. That sounds like it could be a bit painful, having hairs pulled out, but it’s not really. If we get our coats clippered, they lose their rough thickness and go soft and possibly curlyish.

My human did a lot of learning about hand stripping – there’s a video she got, and she bought lots of  brushes and combs and stripping knives and thinning scissors. She made notes about what to do and how to tweak out bits of my coat. At first she tried to do it sitting on the floor with me, but it was hard (I wriggled a lot and ran away) so she bought the grooming table which has made things easier. I still wriggle but I’m getting better at standing still…for a short time only you realise. She still calls me an eel. What’s an eel?

The nice bit is that I have my teeth cleaned with the most delicious tasting toothpaste – liver. Mmmm. Can’t get enough of that so I behave very well, and as it’s ususally the last thing she does with me on the grooming table. I know I’ll be able to get down after that.

Grooming notes are here on the Norfolk Terrier Club’s website