Skype with the family


I just love screens! The TV is a constant source of fascination for me when it’s on, especially if there are cats or dogs or insects or birds or fish or cows or horses moving about. I’m learning not to jump up at the screen when anything interesting shows up, and if I’m told “Down” then I do sit down and watch from a short distance.

About once a week, the small screen comes out and my humans talk to my family who live somewhere else. It’s quite exciting because I know they’re not really in the small screen. It’s obvious that there’s not enough room for them all to squeeze inside there, along with their two cats.

Oh my goodness, their cats are beautiful and they look straight at me with with wide eyes. They’re cool, they just sit and look and I look back. I don’t try to chase them because I know they’re not really there. They’re at the other house, along with the rest of the family. So while they and my humans talk to each other, I sit very, very still on a lap because if I try to get into the screen, or jump and fidget, I get put back on the floor and told off.

Sometimes when one of my humans looks at a very small different screen, called a tablet, I’m invited to watch lots of other dogs at a place called Crufts. Some of the dogs run and jump over poles and things, and sometimes they dance around (1). It’s very interesting and I love watching it. I’ve even had a go at swiping my paw across the screen, like the humans do, but they get a bit cross if I do that.

In the picture here I’m waiting for the screen to light up. This happens when the special tune is played – bong bing bong, bing bong bing – and then we do the Skype thing with the cats. If I hear the tune which means they are there, and I’m in another room, I come running. I don’t want to miss a single second of screen time.

(1) Agility and Heelwork to Music